YBN Almighty Jay – Battling My Spirit

YBN Almighty Jay - Battling My Spirit

YBN Almighty Jay delivers his introduction project “Doing combating My Spirit” in the wake of getting down on a music leader who marked him to a “janky bargain”.

YBN Almighty Jay has been recounting his side of the story this week, opening following quite a while of defamation from hip-bounce fans. Between his brief associations with Blac Chyna and and the death of the YBN aggregate, the 21-year-old rapper has experienced a ton in his young expert profession. As Cordae keeps on pushing new statures for himself, YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay have been left thinking about how to go along with him at the top. Maybe all it will take is a tad of thoughtfulness from Jay, which he begins his authority project Battling My Spirit.

The “Chopsticks” rapper is back with his first authority solo undertaking, delivering the eight-track Battling My Spirit on Friday. The undertaking gets going on a high note with “Get Rich In The Hood”, which is perhaps the best tune, prior to daydreaming into a misinformed area with the stripper-cherishing song of devotion “Enormous Check” and “Murder In My Eyes”. Regardless, Battling My Spirit demonstrates precisely why YBN Almighty Jay has a place in the rap game. It shows brushes of his latent capacity, however the rapper appears to keep a great deal in his pack as well.

Tune in to the new venture underneath and let us know your musings.


1. Get Rich In The Hood
2. Big Check
3. Murder In My Eyes
4. Battling My Spirit
5. Drank Sealed
6. Shoutout To My Dentist
7. Bring Out The Hoochies
8. Red Light Special