[Music] Shon G feat. Zama Zee – ‘Ekhaya’

[Music] Shon G feat. Zama Zee - ‘Ekhaya’

Shon G, the trailblazing Zulu rapper hailing from KZN, delivers an awe-inspiring musical masterpiece with his latest single, ‘Ekhaya,’ featuring the incomparable Zama Zee.

With profound lyricism, ‘Ekhaya’ delves into the intricacies of our societal ailments. Despite the adversities we face, Shon G’s heartfelt anthem reminds us to cherish our roots and take pride in the place we call home.

Adding to the magic, Shon G joined forces with the esteemed Pumuza Zindela, aka ‘Moja Pooh,’ a long-standing member of the renowned DC Crew. Their creative synergy shines through in this poignant offering, ‘Ekhaya.’

Immerse yourself in the captivating storytelling of ‘Ekhaya’ through its visually stunning official music video, now available on YouTube.

Indulge in the musical brilliance of Shon G’s ‘Ekhaya’ here:


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