Offset – 5432 Lyrics



Woo, woo, woo, woo

Woo, woo, let’s go


Panoramic, bitch, I can see right through it (See it)

Smokin’ on cookie, it’s gas, manure (Woah)

Damn, threw fifty racks in a lure (Damn)

Know we gon’ run with the pack like a wolf (Go)

Thug Life on me like I’m Tupac Shakur (Thug)

Thirty-five K for the seats on the floor (Racks)

Yes, I’m the wave, but don’t got a shore (Ha)

Starin’ at me, but I don’t want the whore (No)

Skrrt, almost had crashed the ‘Rari (Skrrt)

Jump off the top of the rope like Jeff Hardy (Go)

Niggas be broke and be ready to party

Nike mask on, man, I’m feelin’ like Marty (Woo)

‘Scuse me, bitch, don’t you be walkin’? (‘Scuse me)

Don’t got no money, so you shouldn’t be talkin’

DM’ing me, bitch, you know I ain’t talkin’ (Hah)

My bitch find out, she gon’ kill ’em, white chalk ’em (Uh)

Shh, it’s a dead man (Dead man)

Rocks on my neck like the Flintstone, I’m Bam Bam

Ran up them M’s and I bought me the Lamb’ Lamb’

She on my dick, want a pic, she a fan-fan

Postin’ these racks but I know it’s a scam (Scam)

Don’t cuff a bitch, I’m not selfish, I share ’em (Share ’em)

Elliot pink diamonds lookin’ like Cam (Pink)

He actin’ tough but he sweeter than yams (Sweet)

Two bitches in a Rolls Ghost and it scare ’em (Two)

I collect shoes and I don’t even wear ’em (Nah)

Twenty-five million, I get overwhelmed

Hello (Hello?)

I want that kitty, I like bitches thick with them lil’ bitty titties

I like bitches rich and they know how to get it (Go)

Come from the dark, my wrist and neck is litted (Ice)

Never quit it

You niggas was hatin’, wait in line, I’m shittin’ (Wait)

You niggas was hatin’, wait in line, I’m shittin’

You niggas was hatin’, wait in line, I’m shittin’ (Let’s go)

Ew, that’s nasty, bitch can’t catch me (Catch me)

I’m in the Lambo’, this bitch nasty

This a wide body and the rims look ashy (Woo)

How did this happen? Rich nigga habit (Rich)

Niggas ain’t eatin’ and they blame it on fastin’ (Hey)

Fresh to death like I jumped out a casket (Casket)

Before the COVID-19, we was maskin’ (Get ’em)

When I say spin it, that mean I’ma shoot (Bah)

Hop out the Maybach and Prada my boot (Prada)

Thirty mill’ plus and I don’t wear a suit (Plus)

Bust like a gusher, you play with my group (Bust)

Singin’ like Usher, this chopper a fool

Hustler customers, do it for you

This nigga broke, you snooze, you lose (Lose)

Louis V coat pocket filled with blues (Blues)

I’m outta here, five, four, three, two, one (Go)

Takeoff, touch my brother, pull a gun, baow

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