Nechie ft Lil Durk – Like A Dream


Nechie ft Lil Durk - Like A Dream

Hip Hop music maker Gunna’s artist Nechie releases his latest single “Like A Dream” with Lil Durk.

Atlanta rapper Nechie has been waiting for his time, patiently watching everybody around him become a superstar. The artist is close with Gunna, growing up with the rapper and adding to Young Thug’s Slime Language compilation album. Rising under the radar for quite a long time, Nechie has remained predictable and it’s all starting to pay off.

On Friday, Nechie will be releasing his new studio album Shady Baby. The undertaking is chief created by Gunna and follows up the achievement of his presentation project SSN: Southside Nechie (The Full Story). The rapper proceeds with his rollout with the release of his latest single “Like A Dream”, which features rapper existing apart from everything else, Lil Durk.

Tune in to the new single underneath and stay tuned for Shady Baby, which comes out on Friday, January 29.

Quotable Lyrics:

The ones you love don’t love you back, that sh*t be separating
I take a Perc’ for the one I lost, that medication
I tried to text the one I lost, that sh*t be crazy
I took a n***a for a small-faced Rollie, I had to go get it appraised
Who am I to call you broke when I was on minimum wage?
I done got cocky, I popped me a couple of the bands in the middle of the stage