Mozzy – My Ambitionz

Mozzy - My Ambitionz

comes through with his new single “Ambitionz,” inspecting 2Pac’s exemplary “Ambitionz Az A Ridah.”

Following the arrival of his new “Neva Said It,” Mozzy has gotten to the overlap with another new single in “My Ambitionz.” Quitely appreciating a run as one of the game’s most reliable emcees, the West Coast rapper has drawn motivation from a California legend, drawing from the exemplary tune “Ambitionz Az A Ridah.” with regards to his own complex inclinations, Mozzy carries a smidgen of skip to the Pac-energized banger, however he holds a comparative disobedient soul as Makaveli.

“Pureed tomatoes your Amiris, you ain’t hear me obviously,” he spits. “Influenced by the world harshly, they gon’ miss you profoundly/ arrangement for my youngin’ he like seventeen/the vast majority of the hacks we got is German, some is Lebanese.” He continues to plunge further into his reality, spitting distinctive portrayals of the subtleties of road life. With regards to legitimacy, Mozzy had never neglected to hold it down, keeping it steady with each new delivery. Look at “Ambitionz” presently, and make certain to shout out in case you’re anticipating some new Mozzy.