Jazz Cartier ft Cousin Stizz – Nothin 2 Me

Jazz Cartier ft Cousin Stizz - Nothin 2 Me

Jazz Cartier and Cousin Stizz interface for the entrancing “Nothin 2 Me,” an easy flex rap banger.

As the springtime raises its head, Canada’s own Jazz Cartier has come through with a touch of Northern cordiality via his new single “Nothin 2 Me.” For the event, Jazz has associated with fan-most loved Cousin Stizz, an expansion that everything except guarantees a few bars are in transit. through brief period in establishing a pace, Jazz promptly plunges into the entrancing creation with a courageous disposition. “Mixing O resembles they Fruit Loops, never contacted street, you an exercise center shoe/attempt to stack till it develop mold.”

Coordinating with his energy is Stizz, who slides onto the beat for the subsequent refrain. “In affection with this poo, yet we miscreants,” he . “I lay around with the road creepers/fire up the zaza and these liners/you need 1,000 for these shoes.” For the most part, “Nothin 2 Me” is an affirmation of strength, which looks good for the individuals who value a touch of flex rap every so often. What’s more, in any event, when they scarcely give any indication of effort, Cartier Stizz actually move with sufficient energy to constrain. Look at “Nothin 2 Me” here, and sound off in case you’re anxious to see where these two emcees go straightaway.