VA – Marinated Soundz Vol. 1 (Compiled By Nhlokzin)

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VA – Marinated Soundz Vol. 1 (Compiled By Nhlokzin)
VA – Marinated Soundz Vol. 1 (Compiled By Nhlokzin)
  • Artist : VA – Marinated Soundz Vol. 1 (Compiled By Nhlokzin)
  • Genre :
  • Music format : Itunes/Spotify
  • Quality : 320 Kbps
  • Release Year : 2023
  • Size : MB

Renowned in the realm of musical artistry, the gifted maestro Nhlokzin unveils a captivating auditory journey with the launch of “Marinated Soundz Vol. 1.” This eagerly anticipated compilation promises to be an auditory feast, meticulously curated to please discerning music enthusiasts.

Dive into the immersive sonic universe crafted by the visionary Nhlokzin, as he brings together a melange of sounds and rhythms in this extraordinary project. “Marinated Soundz Vol. 1” serves as a testament to Nhlokzin’s unparalleled ability to blend diverse elements into a harmonious symphony that resonates with the soul.

Listeners are cordially invited to indulge their senses and savor each track, carefully selected to create an atmosphere of musical ecstasy. With this release, Nhlokzin once again establishes himself as a true luminary in the music scene, elevating the experience of sound exploration. Tune in, absorb, and relish the magic of “Marinated Soundz Vol. 1.”


  1. Electronik Deep – We Cruising (Original Mix)
  2. Nhlokzin, Nu’Ora – Migrate featuring Nu’Ora (Vertrauen Remix)
  3. Articulated – Maasai Roots (Afri-Dub)
  4. Mthandoz, Mlar – It Ain’t Over featuring Mthandoz (Original Mix)
  5. Gvin Deep – A Thing Or Two (Original Mix)
  6. Mlar, Bonga Black – Loosen Up featuring Bonga Black (Original Mix)
  7. Konsoul – Level Up (Original Mix)
  8. Bonga Black – Lonely Nights (Original Mix)
  9. Nhlokzin – Believe in Yourself (Original Mix)
  10. Articulated – Not the Blues (Ode to Black Moses) (Original Mix)
  11. Konsoul, Bonga Black – I Don’t Know (Original Mix)
  12. Gvin Deep – Who Wants to Know (Original Mix)
  13. Electronik Deep – The Mesas (Original Mix)
  14. Nhlokzin, Bonga Black – The Reckoning featuring Bonga Black (Original Mix)
  15. Mlar – What Do You See_ (Original Mix)


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