VA – Music Speaks Sounds Selektor Series, Vol. 1

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VA – Music Speaks Sounds Selektor Series, Vol. 1
VA – Music Speaks Sounds Selektor Series, Vol. 1
  • Artist : VA – Music Speaks Sounds Selektor Series, Vol. 1
  • Genre :
  • Music format : Itunes/Spotify
  • Quality : 320 Kbps
  • Release Year : 2023
  • Size : MB

Renowned in the realm of melodies, the music luminary presents their latest sonic masterpiece: “Music Speaks Sounds Selektor Series, Vol. 1.” Brace yourself for an auditory journey that transcends boundaries and electrifies senses.

This eagerly awaited compilation is a symphonic celebration curated by none other than our revered music virtuoso. The collection exudes enchantment, embracing an array of genres that weave into a harmonious tapestry. Prepare to be entranced by a cascade of beats, rhythms, and melodies meticulously chosen to resonate with the soul.

“Music Speaks Sounds Selektor Series, Vol. 1” invites listeners to partake in an exploration of soundscapes that will linger long after the final note. Immerse yourself in this euphonious assemblage – a true testament to the artist’s enduring dedication to the craft.


  1. Yves Essien – You and I
  2. Mphozil – Matsie Street
  3. STI T’s Soul – Chain of Fools (STI T’s Soul Touch)
  4. Mega BT – Crusie Control (Mid Temp Mix)
  5. Kaydeep Rsa – Heavy Storm
  6. Psymon & Rowdy SA – Kung Fu Fighting (Floral Soul Mix)
  7. BoyzenSA – Version of You (feat. Butler)
  8. Lefesto – Sunset Tones
  9. Clivedsa – Splinter in Your Mind (Clivedsa Runup Mix)
  10. Moloko Desoul – Mystics (Underground)
  11. Forensics of House – Monday Thru Sunday
  12. DeeNostalgic – Citizenship (Blaq Panther)
  13. Prince Mello SA – Mello Tech
  14. Termpest – Love


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