Soulja Boy – “Swag” [Album]

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Soulja Boy -
Soulja Boy – “Swag” [Album]

Renowned artist Soulja Boy has unveiled his latest musical endeavor, the much-anticipated album titled “Swag”.

Packed with infectious beats and captivating lyrics, this album is set to captivate fans worldwide.

Soulja Boy, known for his innovative style and undeniable talent, brings his signature flair to every track, promising listeners an unforgettable musical journey.

“Swag” features a diverse range of songs that showcase Soulja Boy’s versatility as an artist.

From energetic anthems to soulful ballads, this album has something for every music enthusiast. With its catchy hooks and dynamic production, “Swag” is sure to leave a lasting impression on both new and longtime fans alike.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the magic of Soulja Boy’s latest masterpiece.

Dive into the world of “Swag” and let the music transport you to new heights of musical euphoria.

Swag 6 Tracklist:

  1. 25 Drop
  2. Swag Like Me
  3. First Million
  4. You Ain’t Bout That Action
  5. Back In My Bag
  6. Watch Me Do My Dance
  7. I Just Want To Get Away
  8. Dipset
  9. I Got Clientele
  10. I’m Big Draco
  11. Walk Down
  12. In Love With a Bad B****
  13. More Money More Problems
  14. Ain’t Worried
  15. Get That Money
  16. Trap Going Big Boy Crazy
  17. Eliantte
  18. 3333
  19. Neck Hurt (feat. HoodTrophy Bino)
  20. Road Runner

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