Icewear Vezzo – “Live From The 6” [Album]

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Icewear Vezzo -
Icewear Vezzo – “Live From The 6” [Album]

Renowned Detroit rapper Icewear Vezzo has unveiled his latest musical endeavor, “Live From The 6,” an album that promises to captivate fans with its raw energy and lyrical prowess. With this highly anticipated release, Icewear Vezzo invites listeners into his world, showcasing his unique blend of storytelling and musical innovation.

“Live From The 6” is a testament to Icewear Vezzo’s evolution as an artist, featuring a dynamic range of tracks that reflect his experiences and insights.

From introspective ballads to hard-hitting anthems, this album delivers a sonic journey that resonates with authenticity and passion.

Fans can immerse themselves in the immersive soundscape of “Live From The 6” and experience Icewear Vezzo’s signature style firsthand. With its infectious beats and compelling narratives, this album is sure to leave a lasting impression on hip-hop enthusiasts everywhere.

Experience the magic of “Live From The 6” today.

Live From The 6 Tracklist:

  1. Intro (Skit)
  2. Class of 2024
  3. Projects
  4. Perfect (feat. DaBaby)
  5. Rap Game
  6. Momma Mil
  7. Motion (feat. Babyface Ray) [Remix]
  8. Ain’t Enough
  9. Come Outside (feat. YTB Fatt)
  10. I Ain’t Mad At Ya
  11. Chose Me (feat. Chuckie CEO)
  12. Different Day
  13. I’m The One

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