KA$HDAMI – “Oasis” [Album]

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KA$HDAMI – “Oasis” [Album]

Renowned artist KA$HDAMI debuts a captivating musical endeavor with the release of “Oasis” [Album].

Embarking on a journey through diverse sonic landscapes, KA$HDAMI invites listeners to immerse themselves in a fusion of rhythmic beats and evocative melodies.

“Oasis” promises to be a transformative experience, offering a blend of introspective lyricism and infectious rhythms that resonate with audiences worldwide.

With this album, KA$HDAMI showcases a mastery of musical storytelling, taking listeners on a transcendent voyage filled with sonic richness and emotional depth.

From the soulful ballads to the electrifying anthems, “Oasis” is a testament to KA$HDAMI’s artistic versatility and innovation.

Embrace the musical odyssey and embark on a sonic adventure with KA$HDAMI’s latest offering.

Stream “Oasis” now and indulge in an auditory experience like no other.

oasis Tracklist:

  1. Ain’t Me (Intro)
  2. Games
  3. Loyalty
  4. Want!
  5. Kount Kash!
  6. Fresh
  7. Hypnotized with Karri
  8. Good Wishes
  9. Different Timing with Dro Kenji
  10. Pocket Change
  11. UshyGushy
  12. Ruby

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