(Video) YoungstaCPT – Dear Rikhado, Love Riyadh


(Video) YoungstaCPT - Dear Rikhado, Love Riyadh

YoungstaCPT Dear Rikhado, Love Riyadh Video Download

Check out this new amazing just released video project titled Dear Rikhado, Love Riyadh

One of South Africa’s most celebrated music craftsman, YoungstaCPT discharges the authority music video for Dear Rikhado, Love Riyadh.

As per the rapper, he accepted to have had sufficient time during Ramadan to deal with his sentiments and implore about them. He never needed to talk much about Riky’s passing since they had more than individual minutes than melodic minutes.

YoungstaCPT showed up when he worked with Shaney Jay on Hometown Advantage including The Big Hash.

So YoungstaCPT at long last pays his last distinction to him through the visuals.

Watch below.

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