Download Korean A Business Proposal ( K drama series)

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Download Korean A Business Proposal ( K drama series)

Download Korean A Business Proposal ( K drama series)

Title: A Serendipitous Symphony: When a Masquerade Unveils Unforeseen Melodies


Embracing a guise of mischief, Ha-ri orchestrates an audacious spectacle to dishearten her unsuspecting companion on a fateful blind date. However, the harmonious tide takes an unexpected turn when the very embodiment of her professional realm, her esteemed CEO, emerges as the unsuspecting protagonist. The composition of fate entwines their destinies, intertwining a playful charade with an irresistible proposition. Amidst this operatic twist of events, Ha-ri’s elaborate gambit dances to the rhythm of unforeseen emotions and enthralling crescendos. The stage is set for an enchanting duet between two souls, as their hearts collide and the symphony of their intertwined lives embarks on an unforgettable journey.



Status : Complete

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