Top 10 Amapiano Hits 2022 – 2023

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Top 10 Amapiano Hits 2022 – 2023
Top 10 Amapiano Hits 2022 – 2023

**2022-2023’s Hottest Amapiano Hits: A Global Groove Extravaganza!**

The infectious rhythms of Amapiano once again circled the globe in 2022, setting dancefloors ablaze. A momentous highlight was the electrifying performance by the Amapiano legends, Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa, as they graced a sold-out stage in London at the dawn of December. The crowd, swelling to its seams, witnessed a surprise appearance by none other than Afrobeats sensation, WizKid, a fervent music aficionado himself.

As we bid adieu to this melodious year, let’s groove down memory lane and reminisce about the chart-toppers that had our feet tapping and hips swaying throughout. These ten Amapiano anthems epitomized the global sonic journey, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts and playlists. Get ready to relive the beats that made 2022-2023 a memorable musical odyssey.

Amapiano Hits 2022 – 2023

In the dynamic world of music, the year 2022 witnessed a remarkable surge in amapiano hits, where piano maestros took monumental strides in propelling this genre to new heights and wider audiences. The pulsating rhythms and infectious melodies of amapiano have transcended boundaries, resonating across the globe. The dream encapsulated by the phrase “Amapiano To The World” has now evolved beyond mere words, becoming the rallying cry for countless musicians.

In a recent podcast appearance, the renowned Burna Boy passionately exclaimed, “It [amapiano] will transform your life!” This fervor and commitment to amapiano’s international expansion are truly reshaping the music landscape.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the pulse-pounding realm of amapiano as we unveil the Top 10 Amapiano Hits of 2022 – 2023, showcasing the genre’s evolution and its undeniable impact on the global music scene.

Kabza De Small: ‘Eningi’ ft. Simmy, Njelic and Mhaw Keys

Uncle Waffles: ‘Tanzania’ ft. Tony Duardo, Sino Msolo and BoiBizza

Pcee, Justin99 & EeQue – ZoTata

Ch’cco: ‘Pele Pele’ ft. Focalistic and Mellow & Sleazy

TOSS & Felo Le Tee – Ncebeleka

Pabi Cooper – Waga Bietjie

Myztro – Tobetsa Remake

DJ Maphorisa & Visca – Ba Straata

Soa Mattrix & Mashudu – Mina Nawe

Focalistic: ‘Tabela Hape’ ft. Kabza De Small, Mellow & Sleazy, Myztro and M.J

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