Tips to Find Free Background Music For The Content


Tips to Find Free Background Music For The Content

Tips to Find Free Background Music For The Content

It’s hard to imagine a period when social media was not an integral part of our lives. Facebook, the harbinger of today’s social media revolution, has also been the trendsetter for the long haul. However, other social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram also gained substantial popularity over the past decade.

Today, both YouTube and Instagram are driven by the power of video content. The amount of user-generated content on these platforms is immense. This has been fueled by the demand for video and pictorial content.  The growing demand for quality videos and a shift towards watching videos instead of consuming information through other sources has made videos highly popular.

Creating a quality video requires the right set of editing tools and a combination of various elements. Music and audio clips play an important role in creating a good video that communicates the message as intended by the creators. Using the right set of background music is important and can be a game-changer. One can easily find plenty of music clips on the internet. However, it is always advisable to search for any copyright claims before using music in your video.

Background Music Sources

Paying for an audio clip to use as your background music can be quite costly. If you are a new video creator and want to create quality videos without spending a huge sum on obtaining license music from the music industry. Music industry is extremely tough though. You can easily get your music from free sources. The music sources can be categorized under two segments mentioned below.

  1. Royalty-free music

 Royalty-free music is that commercial music that is free for the creators to use after paying a one-time licensing fee. You now have access to use this music as per your choice. You don’t need permission from any other users to use this music.

  1. Public domain and creative commons

 The public domain music files are out there in the open and don’t require any permission from anyone to use and modify. Creative Commons, on the other hand, are also free to use but may need permissions or attributions at times.

 Free Music Sources

There are plenty of sources that will provide you with copyright-free background music that you can use in any of your videos without being worried about any legal challenges. Let’s delve deeper into some of the most popular free music for video sources that you can use for video creation.

  1. YouTube Audio Library

If you are a YouTube creator or familiar with the video platform, you must be aware that it offers free music and audio content for creators to use in their videos. You can easily find the YouTube audio library in the create section of this video-based platform. It contains a wide range of music from different genres. Some of the popular genres include dance & electronic, country & folk, musical jazz, etc. You can also filter the audio using other tags such as mood, duration, attribution, etc. This music base is a mix of creative commons and public domain work.

  1. Free Music Archive

The free music archive is run by WFMU, a leading US-based radio station. Here, you can navigate to the ‘music for video’ section that contains audio tracks with a different license. These are different types of creative commons licenses, some of them are for non-commercial use only, and others require attribution. One can easily filter the search results by license. If you want to learn more about any particular license, you can navigate to the FAQs section on the page.

  1. SoundCloud

Sound cloud is one of the most popular free music for video platforms that are used extensively by video content creators. Most of the content here is uploaded by amateur musicians and DJs. You might at times come across music that could be questionable. However, it offers a wide range of audio files that you can easily use for creating compelling marketing videos. On this popular platform, you can also filter your search results to find music that is licensed for reuse. You just have to enter the right keywords to find the music of your choice. You can give a professional touch to your videos using the audio content present here.

  1. Envato market

Envato is a music hub for sourcing quality music without spending a fortune. You can easily get paid tracks for as low as $1. The music on the platform is uploaded by the global community that uploads its track. One can easily browse these tracks using filters such as most popular, recent items, etc. If you have selected music that is a good fit for your video creation, you can easily download it from the portal. One can either download single tracks or a bundle of tracks that are called packs.

  1. Musopen

Musopen is also a free music sourcing platform that you can leverage to create quality video content. However, it has a different range of music. Musopen is a niche music platform that offers royalty-free classical music to be used for videos. It provides you with an option to search music as per the instrument, author, composer, etc. If you feel that your video needs a classical audio touch, you must use Musopen to create your videos.

  1. Audioblocks

The audio blocks platform offers royalty-free stock audio that includes music, loops, and special sound effects. You will have access to more than 100000 tracks on the site. You can also filter to find music that matches the total duration of your videos. This process can also help you save plenty of editing time that you would’ve spent otherwise. You can also use the mood filter to search for songs, including sad, happy, aggressive, playful, etc. Choosing the right track will help you bring out the right emotions from your audience.

  1. Jamendo

Jamendo offers a great way to search music from its music library, you can filter the music based on the project type. The platform was created exclusively for marketers and advertisers who wanted to leverage the power of free quality music to enrich their videos. You can choose the type of project; these include advertising, software, video games, etc. The next step is to choose the right platform. The list of platforms includes YouTube, Facebook, Kickstarter, etc.

  1. Netlabels

 Netlabel contains over 65000 pieces of music that you can use to create a catchy video. The virtual record labels upload their collection of music on this platform that is available for free download. All the tracks that you will find on this website will have a view count.



Creating quality video content requires the right audio and music that can help to bring out the right reaction from the targeted users. The above-mentioned platforms are a good source of free background music that can be used in video creation.