Ramaphosa makes land acquisition easy for women


Ramaphosa makes land acquisition easy for women

Ramaphosa makes land acquisition easy for women

President Cyril Ramaphosa in his weekly letter to the nation has disclosed his plans for women.

He plans to ensure that women are at the forefront of the economy recovery process from COVID-19.

The head of state announced that it is ‘vital to improve material positions’ for the female gender and to achieve this, he is going to start with land expropriation.

Ramaphosa has confirmed that the accelerated land expropriation plans, officially termed land reform programme will prioritize applications from female farmers.

“We want to ensure more women have access to productive assets such as land. It is essential that they are beneficiaries of the accelerated land reform programme [expropriation]”.

The relief fund provided for farmers shows that the government is seriously interested in making life better for women.

From the 75 million made available in farming vouchers, 53% of the beneficiaries will be rural women.

It’s indeed an amazing way to mark Women’s Month in South Africa.