Planning to get married? You should ignore these advice at all costs!

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The months before a wedding are already very stressful and when the would-be bride and groom are showered with advice, it gets even more confusing.

To help couples separate the wheat from the chaff, here are a few common marriage-related advice they can avoid following.

​1. She is none but a guest at her parents’ house after marriage

A woman is often reminded before marriage that she will be none but a guest at her parents’ house once she ties the knot. Nothing is as misleading as this although a lot of families believe in the notion (a daughter is someone else’s property). Marriage should not change how a woman is treated in her parents’ house and it’s time we should stop making our girls believe in such ideas.

2. ​Have a family as soon as possible

When to have children or not, is entirely your decision. We agree there are a lot of factors to consider including age and family expectations, but plan a family as per your convenience.

3. There should not be any boundaries between a husband and a wife

Although most of us are conditioned to believe that married couples are two bodies with one soul and there should be no boundaries between them, it is really important to have some healthy boundaries. Everyone needs personal space and that stands true even after marriage. So, it’s okay if you don’t want to share your phone’s password or your bank account details with your spouse. But make sure that your better half accepts that without any misunderstanding.

4. Only the woman should work in the kitchen

A lot of women face pressure to hone their culinary skills just before marriage. Because there is an unsaid rule that only the woman of the house is responsible for running the kitchen. Seriously? Do we still need to say that cooking is not just a woman’s job?

5. Only the man is responsible for the financial situation

Gender stereotyping much? Just like advising a woman to take care of the kitchen, most people expect only the man to bear financial burdens after marriage. In this age when most couples are working, they should learn to share responsibilities, including financial and household chores.

6. ​Approach the family elders with marital problems

A lot of times, family members advice the would-be bride and groom to seek help from elders when they face hurdles in their marital life. Trust us, certain issues between a husband and wife should not be shared with a third person, including anyone from the family. Couples should try to sort out their differences themselves and not spill the beans of their troubled life with their friends and family.

7. Others before self

It’s true that marriage brings in a lot of responsibilities and married women are often advised to place the needs of others before self. Although this might not be entirely baseless, yet a woman should also think about her needs and sometimes prioritise what she wants from life.

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