Makhadzi Reveals New Booking Details


Makhadzi Reveals New Booking Details


Makhadzi, the renowned South African musician, has just released her new booking information, despite her former label, Open Mic Records, claiming that she is still under contract with them. Open Mic Records’ spokesperson, Nkateko Maluleke, recently stated that Makhadzi remains a member of the label and cannot work independently unless Open Mic Records approves it.

According to Maluleke, Makhadzi’s contract with Open Mic Records is automatically renewed unless the label decides not to renew it. He explained, “We have a valid contract, and we won’t be releasing a similar statement. Makhadzi is still under contract with Open Mic. It’s an auto-renewable contract, which means that when the expiration time arrives, it automatically renews until the record label decides not to renew it. It renews with the same length as the initial contract, and she has a letter confirming renewal.”

Despite Open Mic Records’ claims, Makhadzi has stated that she has no affiliation with the label and has released her new booking information. She also warned organizers not to book her through Open Mic Records because it won’t be honored. Makhadzi declared on Twitter, “Book me now. Don’t book me through Open Mic because honestly, I won’t show up. The contract has ended. I don’t want to fight with promoters and my fans.”

Makhadzi’s new booking details are available below, and it is hoped that her fans will continue to support her in her music endeavors.

Here are Makhadzi’s new booking details: [insert details here]

Makhadzi Reveals New Booking Details

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