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If you have these 9 traits, you have a healthy personality

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We all wish to have a healthy personality.

A new research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology claims to have discovered the nine personality traits that lead to a happy and healthy personality.

The study

137 psychology experts were asked to describe their idea of a psychologically healthy person with the help of 30 personality traits mentioned in the Psychological Inventory.

The same traits were identified by each group as the traits of a healthy personality. Here in this article, we tell you these nine traits and how they help in improving your personality.

1. Openness to feelings

The research says, learning to accept emotions leads to a stable emotional resilience. Acknowledging what you feel is very important for having a stable mental health. Linked with a wide range of mental health issues, emotional avoidance can be dangerous.

Though difficult to deal with, negative emotions are important to be acknowledged and accepted for better well being.

2. Straightforwardness

Being straightforward doesn’t mean you are pushy, mean or aggressive. It means being honest and standing up for oneself while at the same time respecting others.

3. Competence

People become confident and resilient when they know they are capable to do and achieve things. Working on a skill that you already possess and taking out time for it every day will improve your resilience through confidence.

4. Warmth

Being kind helps our lives in more ways than one. Research shows, we get repaid for things that we do for others, not just through reciprocation but as the result of the psychological benefits.

5. Positive emotions

Everyone wants to be happy and loved. But loving thyself can heighten this emotion of being happy and satisfied. Taking out time for yourself and doing what you like helps one to be happier.

6. ​Low levels of angry hostility

We all feel angry and often feel it to be an uncontrollable feeling that takes over us. But holding onto anger can lead to adverse health effects, mentally and physically. Feeling angry is okay but learning to let go is important. Learning breathing techniques to calm down, practising yoga and doing meditation have proven to help control anger.

7. ​Low anxiety

Anxiety is a battle that many people face. It’s normal to get worried during certain instances but for some people, worry is a way of life. Learning ways to reduce stress and anxiety helps one be happier and live longer.

8. Low depression

Depression is one of the most common mental health issues. Overcoming it is not easy or quick but it’s possible. Talking about it and reaching out for help is not shameful but rather brave.

9. ​Low impulsivity

Before acting impulsively, remind yourself that your actions reflect your personality and values. This can help one to be less impulsive. And the good news is the research has found that your brain can be easily trained how to be less impulsive.


You do not need to have all these personality traits to have a healthy life because no one is perfect and no one has a perfect life.

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