Exte C To Dedicate Forthcoming “SHANNY Album” To Late Mom

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Exte C To Dedicate Forthcoming “SHANNY Album” To Late Mom
Exte C To Dedicate Forthcoming “SHANNY Album” To Late Mom

Renowned music virtuoso Exte C is set to grace the music world with an emotional masterpiece that transcends time and space. In a heartfelt tribute to his late mother, Exte C’s forthcoming album, “SHANNY,” bears the poignant name of the woman who nurtured his love for music and life.

For Exte C, music is not just about the glitz and glamour; it’s an art form that weaves intricate emotions into melodious tapestries, leaving listeners enriched and moved. “SHANNY” promises to be a profound exploration of his distinctive soundscape, promising an immersive journey for all who tune in.

Mark your calendars for September 29th, a date that holds immense significance for Exte C, as he releases this poignant album on his mother’s birthday. It’s a tribute that echoes the sentiment behind each note and beat, with Exte C himself stating, “This album is also dedicated to my mom and her passing ‘RIP Ma🕊️’.”

Prepare to be enveloped in the musical embrace of “SHANNY.” Experience it for yourself, and share the profound journey it offers with music enthusiasts worldwide.

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