Any Song Recorded In My Studio Belongs To Me – DJ Maphorisa

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Determining the rightful owner of a song can be a complex and nuanced matter. The question arises: is it the beat creator, the vocalists, the sound engineer, the composer, or perhaps even the studio owner who holds the true ownership of the song?

In this realm, numerous intricacies exist, and without careful examination, one might find themselves navigating through loopholes. Just recently, DJ Maphorisa, a seasoned producer and deejay, shed light on this matter by asserting that every song produced in his studio is unequivocally his property.

Indifferent to the specific contributors to the track, DJ Maphorisa emphasized that as long as the recording took place within his studio, he claims rightful ownership of the song, underscoring his entitlement to assert ownership regardless of the creative minds involved.

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