5 Most Popular UFC Stars In Music Videos


5 Most Popular UFC Stars In Music Videos
5 Most Popular UFC Stars In Music Videos

5 Most Popular UFC Stars In Music Videos

As I write this piece, I can’t help but hum to Mick Konstantin’s ukulele tune praising Conor McGregor. However, the UFC champion didn’t appear in the multi-million streamed mini-hit. Still, he was sure to give Konstantin his flowers, inviting him to the much-anticipated Mayweather fight.

The worlds of music and UFC have had a long-standing association, with both sectors benefiting greatly from the crossover. The UFC’s most prominent fighters occasionally use music videos to showcase their strength, talent, and style, becoming as popular as online casino reviews when someone starts to play.

Some top acts, from Nate Diaz to Alistair Overeem, have graced the small screen, carrying their extraordinary athletic prowess and charisma.

  • The Fabers Get Happy With Pharell Williams

You can hardly ignore how infectious Pharell William’s “Happy” is, and its impressive stats prove its dominance. The song, released in 2013, was the first ever 24-hour music video and has since racked up over 1.1 billion views on Youtube.

Urijah Faber was one of the lucky few to experience the song firsthand, as he got featured in the video alongside his sister, Michaela. Urijah is a nine-time World Endurance Champion, a record he claims with Poppies Martinez and Antonio Banuelos.

The UFC star had a 13-year career that ended with his 2016 win against Brad Pickett. He relaunched his UFC career in 2019 after winning his bout against Ricky Simón.

  • Alistair Overeem Proves He’s Sexy, and He Knows It With LMFAO

Massive TikTok trends of feel-good hits like Trainor’s “Made You Look” tell you one thing: We love music that makes us feel phenomenal. Now, how about you inject some superstar energy into a similarly themed song like “Sexy and I Know It?”

Enter Alistair Overeem. The Dutch fighter currently participates in the Glory heavyweight division and is the first to hold simultaneous titles in K-1 kickboxing and MMA. He was a former champion in Strikeforce Heavyweight, Dream Heavyweight, and K-1 World Grand Prix.

He appeared in the music video for the number-one smash and has since seen it garner over 950 million views on YouTube. The song has also sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

  • Josh Koscheck Shows that He Gets It With Chevelle

Josh Koscheck was one of the first faces during the launch of The Ultimate Fighter show. He held a 15-10 UFC record and was a major draw for the UFC for over a decade.

Koscheck appeared in the music video for Chevelle’s hit song “I Get It.” While the song wasn’t as popular as some of Chevelle’s other hits, it still boasts a gold certification in the US for over 500K sales.

The band did not appear in the music video, something they hadn’t missed in 10 years. Jeff Hilliard portrays an employer mistreated by his boss, played by Paul Hughes. Koscheck attacks the boss and tattoos “Mr. Perfect” on his head.

  • Genki Sudo Tests His Dance Skills With His World Order Band

You’ve probably heard someone say it’s always possible to actualize your dreams, and Genki Sudo is the perfect example of this. After retiring from MMA in 2009, Sudo started his techno band, World Order.

The band is popular for its robotic dance moves and has garnered over 700K subscribers on its Youtube channel. The channel has over 30 videos and exceeds 200 million views, a testament to its impressive style.

While in the UFC, Sudo was popular for enchanting entrances and unconventional fighting moves, which he’s carried over to his band’s videos. He and his bandmates are entertainers and pacifists, and their videos feature no violence.

  • Travis Barker Asks Nate Diaz to Give Him Brain

Even big artists have bad days, as evidenced by the famous trio in this final song. Clearly, somebody needed to address the “Gimme Brain” request that Travis Barker chants alongside Lil Wayne and his several-time collaborator, Rick Ross.

Even with Nate Diaz’s 7-second appearance, the song has just over a million views three years after its release.

Despite the song’s mediocre performance, nothing can take away from Diaz’s decorated UFC career. The star places third in terms of UFC bonus awards thanks to 16 claims. The free agent won The Ultimate Fighter 5 and has a successful UFC career exceeding 15 years.


There’s plenty of celebrity power splashed in music videos, from Nate Diaz’s 7-second appearance to Urijah Faber’s remarkable moment with Pharrell Williams. Overeem, Sudo, and Koscheck also demonstrate that they can be as captivating on television as they are in the octagon.