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5 festive weight loss tips that you must never follow

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It’s that time of the year when you will be bombarded with weight loss suggestions. Below are 4 things that you shouldn’t follow during festive period.

Do not order ‘healthy’ desserts

When people order so-called healthy desserts, they tend to overeat, mentally relieved that what they are eating is not high on sugar or gluten but little do they realise that they end up eating up more than they should. So it’s better to eat one instead of gorging on keto dessert or low calorie dessert.

Do not fast before feasting

This is a BIG mistake. When you fast before feasting, you will be very hungry (and hangry) and end up eating more, thereby stressing your bodily systems. I know of people who fast for 20 hours and then go crazy stuffing themselves the remaining 4 hours but this is very unhealthy. It can lead to acidity.

Remember to keep the guilt aside

Today we have started associating feasting with guilt. Enjoy the festive eating. One or two days of eating will not make you gain weight. It’s what you do through the year that decides whether you will gain weight or lose and not just these few days of festivities.

Do not forget your in between snacks

People tend to look forward to their festive dinner so much that they forget to snack in between, which makes them eat more. So keep yourself hydrated and keep snacking in between to avoid those beastly hunger pangs.

Dance and enjoy!

Last but not the least, find fitter ways to celebrate. Put on good music and dance with your family. Diwali is not about eating alone, it’s about having a good time with people you love!

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