Young Dolph ft Key Glock – Green Light

Young Dolph ft Key Glock - Green Light

Hip Hop record maker Dolph lines his “Rich Slave” Deluxe Edition with the Key Glock-helped banger “.”

A year ago, Paper Route CEO Young Dolph came through with Rich Slave, his 6th studio collection. Presently, months eliminated from its underlying delivery, Dolph has come through to infuse extra into the venture with a fresh out of the plastic new Deluxe Edition flaunting eight new melodies. While there are a lot of bangers to be found all through the refreshed drop, perhaps the most elevated point during “Green Light,” a BandPlay-created coordinated effort with Paper Route endorser and continuous Dolph accomplice Key Glock.

“Allow me an end of the week, I’ go it to a drop,” he raps, his baritone rhythm sounding at home over a piano circle. “The kind of ni*ga turn your sister house to the spot/I’ma cover her tabs and screw her every so often/He need thirty of them, my guy from the farm around once more.” Where Dolph picks a steadier conveyance, Key Glock carries a smidgen of mastery to the blend, stunning his lines to hit an intriguing stream conspire. “See, cutthroat knave,” he spits. “South Memphis ni**a however my gems from Alaska/Fuckin’ up the motor, drove the unfamiliar like a NASCAR.”

Look at “Green Light” presently, and for more where that came from, Young Dolph’s Rich Slave Deluxe Edition can be streamed here.


Look, cold-hearted bastard
South Memphis ni**a but my jewelry from Alaska
Fuckin’ up the engine, drove the foreign like a NASCAR
Rollin’ sticky icky and I’m sippin’ high like NASA