YN Jay & Lil Pump – Big Hoes


YN Jay & Lil Pump - Big Hoes

The two craftsmen meet up for this brisk, hard-hitting track.

YN Jay and Lil Pump certainly don’t keep down on their new melody “Huge Hoes.” On the short track, the pair diss chubby young ladies and get realistic about engaging in sexual relations with ladies. Lil Pump raps, “Curve her over, put her face down on the solid/Before you rest, bitch, you gotta take this long meat.” Enrgy Beats delivered the track, which dropped close by a music video created by NTRO4K out of Miami.

Both YN Jay and Lil Pump have been in the public eye a considerable amount as of late, however not for similar reasons. YN Jay has as of late discovered significant notoriety on TikTok, where a few of his melodies, including “Triple S,” “COOCHIE,” and “Smoove Dude” have circulated around the web. “Triple S” has in excess of 200,000 recordings made with the melody on the application, some of them having near 1 million preferences. Relatively few individuals thought about YN Jay preceding 2020, so his fame on the video-sharing application has been a marker of accomplishment.

Lil Pump has become somewhat of a questionable figure in rap lately after he supported Trump, notwithstanding not in any event, enlisting to cast a ballot. In practically no time, the rapper lost in excess of 300,000 devotees. Back in December, Lil Pump intensely dissed productive rapper Eminem, saying that he was “weak as damnation” and that “nobody[‘s] tuning in” to him. This absolutely didn’t help his profession either, however it appears to be like he’s attempting to make a rebound.

Tune in to the track and watch the new music video beneath.