Tee Grizzley – Robbery Part 2


Tee Grizzley Robbery Part 2 Mp3 Download

Hip Hop music craftsman Tee Grizzley weaves a fierce and distinctively delivered wrongdoing adventure on new narrating track ÜBurglary Part 2.”

Tee Grizzley is a man of numerous gifts, and quite possibly the most noteworthy devices in his pack remains his misjudged narrating capacity. Truth be told, it’s essential for what attracted Timbaland to work together with the emcee in any case. Today, Grizzley has come through to proceed with an earlier adventure with his new single “Theft Part ,” an unstable vignette that puts the rapper straightforwardly amidst a grisly brawl.

To the extent that an ethical compass is concerned, Tee lacks the capacity to deal with neither honor nor prudence. All things being equal, he utilizes beast power and terrorizing to accomplish his objectives, yet his obvious allure makes it hard to root against him. Indeed, even in the midst of the butchery, Tee Grizzley’s fun loving feeling of grotesque humor actually radiates through, however not to the detriment of the story’s earnestness. What makes “Burglary Part 2” so captivating is the way that Tee isn’t talking as an all-knowing storyteller, yet rather the one straightforwardly driving the activity.

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Bitch get the fuck up and stop screaming, shut the fuck up
Where that n***a that you close to, you lie to me I’ma smoke you
Matter fact we bout to get the fuck on, I pulled up thought it was him and hit that boy in his dome
She like listen Tee I ain’t nothing wrong
I’m like listen , but there’s somebody that you know that’s gotta go