Shakewell – 5 Ways

Shakewell - 5 Ways

Shakewell conveys his most recent banger.

Try not to allow the frequently silly visuals to divert you from the way that Shakewell can truly rap his rear end off. The San Fernando Valley rapper has been thundering through the underground with projects like Big Juice Tha Sip Key Stone Prince. Despite the fact that it17;s been a couple of years since his last performance project, he7;s demonstrated exactly how steady he is with every single delivery. This week, he arose with a trunk-shaking banger named, “5 Ways.” The messy, guitar-loaded creation drives the track as Shakewell’s spotless stream subtleties the few techniques he use to run down the opps, whoever that might be. It was likewise delivered with another visual, coordinated and altered by Dan Streit.

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