Rob Markman – 100 Losses


Rob Markman - 100 Losses
Rob Markman – 100 Losses

Journalist-Rapper Rob Markman has taken some time off from music during the first few months of 2022 but he’s come back today with a brand new song called ‘100 Losses’. The song, which is all about accepting your losses and not letting it discourage you when others are experiencing success, acts as the teaser for his upcoming album in the works. It will act as the follow up to last year’s If You Don’t You’ll Regret It.

Over these past few months, explains Rob I’ve been reflecting on how people see us – those who are struggling – when they look at Instagram or Twitter. They always seem so much happier than we are; easy to believe that THEY’RE winning when we’re fighting just to keep going.
It’s this ability – picking ourselves up even after we’re beaten down – that really matters, says Rob. Check out ‘100 Losses’ below; produced by DviousMindz.