OMB Peezy – Love Is Blind


OMB Peezy Shares a New titled “Love Is BlindR;

OMB Peezy has gotten back with his pristine single “Love Is Blind,” and many are now lauding the track for its crude enthusiastic trustworthiness. Despite the fact that Peezy is no more unusual to bearing his spirit on wax, this most recent discovers him delving further than he has before, arranging himself in the for an intense portion of self-examination. Over a melancholic instrumental from Drum Dummie and Elaye, Peezy picks at his scars as he endeavors to discover motivation in the midst of the stifling torment.

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Too risky, can’t talk to nobody, gotta get through it yourself
That shit that’ll lead you in jail
Walk out, look around and you see death
I’m still runnin’ from my demons, I’m out of breath