Listen to as Shares a New Single After a While “CLOUDS”

Hitting with his new single “Mists”, NF has declared his forthcoming mixtape of a similar title, which will deliver on March 26, 2021. The reflective new melody discovers NF in his contemplations about how he will deliver his new music, rapping, “Clinging to tunes this long is overwhelming” and streaming over a violin-driven beat.

This is the principal new delivery from NF since “CHASING_(DEMO)”, which turned out in October 2020, highlighting a 15-year-old enthusiast of the rapper.

Download & Stream below:

Quotable Lyrics:

Born efficient, got ambition, sorta vicious, yep, that’s me
Not artistic, unrealistic, chauvinistic, not those things
Go the distance, so prolific, post too cryptic, move swiftly
Unsubmissive, the king of mischief
The golden ticket, rare sight to see
I stay committed, embrace the rigid