LISTEN: Joyner Lucas & NBA Youngboy – ‘Cut U Off’

LISTEN: Joyner Lucas & NBA Youngboy - ‘Cut U Off’

Unleashing his relentless creativity, Joyner Lucas mesmerizes fans as he continues to raise the bar. The rap virtuoso is tantalizingly close to dropping his highly anticipated album, but he knows how to keep the anticipation alive. Consistently surprising his devotees, Joyner gifts them with a captivating new tune every few weeks. Today, he graces us yet again with a groundbreaking track, teaming up with the unstoppable force that is NBA Youngboy on the electrifying masterpiece ‘Cut U Off’.

In this thrilling collaboration, YoungBoy boldly enters Joyner’s realm, effortlessly blending their unique styles into an explosive sonic fusion. Brace yourself for a high-voltage experience as these two icons dominate the airwaves. But that’s not all—merely a month ago, Joyner astounded us with ‘What’s That‘, following his trailblazing hit ‘Blackout‘ featuring Future. Stay tuned for the exhilarating journey ahead.

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