Liso Wata – ‘No Mercy’


Liso Wata - 'No Mercy'

Introducing the mesmerizing Liso Wata Art Experience, a groundbreaking event held at Selectivelive to unveil the highly anticipated single ‘No Mercy’ by the enigmatic artist himself, Liso Wata. This extraordinary release, accompanied by captivating visuals, is a game-changer in the music industry.

‘No Mercy’ serves as the lead single for Liso Wata’s upcoming masterpiece, ‘Kali Yuga,’ a true testament to the artistic brilliance that transcends boundaries, captivating die-hard hip-hop enthusiasts worldwide. With 16 meticulously crafted tracks, the artist and sound engineer Siyabonga Matjope have ensured an immersive sonic experience.

Further elevating this musical opus, the renowned producer Graham Ward of Ward Wide Music is currently putting the finishing touches on its mastering, promising a sonic masterpiece of epic proportions.

The ‘No Mercy’ music video flawlessly mirrors the single’s powerful message of embracing one’s true self without apology. The inclusion of symbolic props artfully represents the essence of Kali Yuga, the age of turmoil and transgressions in Hindu mythology.

Prepare to be enthralled by ‘No Mercy’ below as Liso Wata fearlessly implores listeners to shine brightly, show no mercy, and conquer all obstacles in their path.

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