Kwela – ‘Pieces (Pt. I, II, III, IV)’


Kwela - ‘Pieces (Pt. I, II, III, IV)’

Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing musical journey as Kwela unveils their latest single, ‘Pieces (Pt. I, II, III, IV)’. This masterpiece serves as a heartfelt tribute to the ambient and often overlooked voices of Africa. Once again, the South African artist showcases their boundless creative imagination, seamlessly blending music, lyricism, and storytelling in a truly unique way.

Fresh off the release of ‘Kgalagadi. Not Kalahari’ in April, which set the stage for the upcoming project ‘We The Beautyful Ones’, Kwela continues to captivate audiences with their lyrical prowess and innovative soundscapes.

‘Pieces’ serves as an encapsulation of Africa’s diverse offerings, a lyrical puzzle set to a mesmerizing boom-boom-bap beat. It is a treasure trove that continuously unfolds, showcasing the immense wealth of culture, people, and nature that Africa possesses.

Recorded on the move, the song is divided into four parts, mirroring the geographical regions of the African continent. With ambient and unheard voices interwoven throughout the four suites, ‘Pieces’ was initially conceived as a futuristic children’s song, radiating with Kwela’s signature storytelling and impeccable rhymes.

Joining forces with Kwela on this extraordinary track are Sibusile Xaba on guitar and Mahlatse “Ribatone” Riba on keys, further enriching the sonic tapestry.

Don’t miss out on this ethereal experience. Immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds of ‘Pieces (Pt. I, II, III, IV)’ below, and let Kwela guide you through a world of musical wonder.

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