Dave East – ‘Just Wanna Rock’ Feat. Nino Man


Dave East - ‘Just Wanna Rock’ Feat. Nino Man

In an industry marked by stagnation, Dave East emerges as a breath of fresh air. While his album hiatus may have left fans craving more, the rapper has been far from dormant. Today, he gifts us with a remarkable remix, the Eastmix, set to redefine our musical experience.

Taking the unconventional path, he fearlessly tackles Lil Uzi Vert’s chart-topper, ‘Just Wanna Rock,’ effortlessly infusing his signature style into the unorthodox instrumental. Adding to the brilliance, Nino Man makes a captivating appearance on the track. To complement this auditory feast, the official music video, skillfully directed by Benji Filmz, transports viewers to a visual realm like no other. Immerse yourself in this masterpiece below.

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