Buckwild ft Little Brother – Ease Up

Buckwild ft Little Brother - Ease Up

Buckwild Ease Up Mp3

Buckwild Ease Up: Listen to this new released as Buckwild & Little Brother Get Summertime Ready On “Ease Up”

Buckwild’s smooth samples strings together drums and soothing saxophone. Though Little Brother represent North Carolina, they bring a distinct flair of New York City’s summer as they, alongside Buckwild, deliver “dope beats and rhymes that keeps the head noddin’.

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Quotable Lyrics
And it’s hard to believe, this life, I shed a tear for it
Outsiders lookin’ in even cheer for it
And I tell ’em y’all can have all the drive in the world
But it won’ matter if ’re not geared for it
Ready to bleed and work a couple years for it
I lost touch just to get a feel for it