Bones ft Deergod – PopRocks

Bones ft Deergod - PopRocks

Bones and Deergod are preparing for another undertaking called “Dead.”

Bones has been infamous over the course of the years for his droning and threatening bangers that are loaded up with discouraging verses and dim undercurrents. These ways to deal with music have been him a clique legend and right up ’til the present time, he keeps on conveying new music. Toward the month’s end, he will be dropping a collective task with Deergod hit Pushing Up Daisies and the main single to come from it is designated “PopRocks.”

This track is one of those threatening tunes Bones is known for in spite of the fact that with the instrumental we get something dim and mesmerizing. Bones his standard agonizing stream all while Deergod spits a few bars that have a more outdated feel. It’s a one of a kind combination of and it’s an extraordinary little secret for their impending venture.