Babyface & Kehlani – Seamless


Babyface & Kehlani - Seamless
Babyface & Kehlani – Seamless

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The song will debut in October on Babyface’s upcoming “Girls Night Out” album.
Nights out with friends or a significant other don’t always go as planned, as Babyface and Kehlani’s latest single, “Seamless,” serves as a reminder.

The 12-time Grammy Award winner concludes the tune with his own voice. The Rascals produced the single, which was released on Friday, August 12. The “Toxic” singer takes the lead vocals (best known for working with artists like Drake, Chris Brown, and Ariana Grande).

“Always givin’ me hell every time that you drink / Two tequila shots in, now you wanna read me,” Kehlani calls out their drama-addicted partner on the first verse. “Tryna have a good time, now you wanna make a scene / You deserve an Emmy, girl, go and get your Emmy, girl.”

The new arrival will be found on the tracklist for Babyface’s upcoming Girls Night Out album, which is said to be “a sonic journey through love, heartbreak, and all of the emotions in between.”

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