03 Greedo ft KenTheMan – Drop Down


03 Greedo ft KenTheMan - Drop Down
03 Greedo ft KenTheMan – Drop Down

03 Greedo Drop Down

“Free Greedo” is now available for purchase.
“Free Greedo,” the streets continue to scream. The rapper from Los Angeles has been imprisoned since 2018 after being convicted on drug and firearms crimes. His sentence happened at the pinnacle of his career, yet he has stayed constant even while imprisoned. He admitted to recording a large number of songs before bringing himself in for his term in Texas. And, thankfully for supporters, his team has ensured that his legacy lives on.

This week, the rapper began working on Free 03., his upcoming collaboration record with Mike Free. Today, they’ve released “Drop Down,” a new single by 03 Greedo and KenTheMan that highlights the L.A. rapper’s signature melodies and KenTheMan’s charisma.

Check out the music below and keep an eye out for Free 03.