SZA – “SOS” [Album]

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SZA – “SOS” [Album]

Introducing SZA’s magnum opus, “SOS”! Brace yourself for a sonic journey that transcends boundaries, blending ethereal melodies with soul-stirring lyrics. As you embark on this auditory adventure, prepare to be enveloped by SZA’s ethereal vocals, effortlessly weaving through a tapestry of mesmerizing beats. Each track on this musical tapestry is a masterpiece in its own right, painting vibrant emotions on the canvas of your soul. From the captivating opener to the hauntingly beautiful closing notes, “SOS” is a symphony of passion and vulnerability.

Dive into this kaleidoscope of sound, where SZA’s artistry takes center stage, transporting you to a world where music is the ultimate escape. Immerse yourself in the album’s captivating tunes, available for download below, and let the enchantment begin!

SZA – “SOS” [Album] Tracklist

2.  Kill Bill
3.  Seek & Destroy
4.  Low
5.  Love Language
6.  Blind
7.  Used
8.  Snooze
9.  Notice Me
10.  Gone Girl
11.  Smoking on my Ex Pack
12.  Ghost in the Machine
13.  F2F
14.  Nobody Gets Me
15.  Conceited
16.  Special
17.  Too Late
18.  Far
19.  Shirt
20.  Open Arms
21.  I Hate U
22.  Good Days
23.  Forgiveless

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