Ricky Hil – Same Shit Different Day

Ricky Hil - Same Shit Different Day

Hip Hop music maker Ricky Hil’s profoundly foreseen project, “SSDD” is here.

It seems it’s been a hot moment since we’ve gotten with Ricky Hil. Fortunately, he’s back with another venture. Ricky Hil arose with his most recent collection of work Same Shit Different Day sooner this week. In spite of the fact that it showed up with a couple of days notice, the rapper’s most recent venture offers fans a striking update on his life, particularly for the individuals who have been looking out for new music from him. SSDD was driven by the arrival of “Tryin” and “Make Me extremely upset.

“A great deal of the time in my tunes I’m stating shit I would truly even prefer not to state—yet I do it at any rate, since I know there are individuals out there that vibe the same way I do,” he said in a proclamation. “I went into all these new tunes simply needing to be totally myself.”

Look at it beneath.