Lady Gaga – “A Star Is Born” [Album]

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Lady Gaga -

Lady Gaga – “A Star Is Born” [Album]

In a harmonious tale of heartstrings, Jackson, a gifted musician, discovers a serendipitous connection with Ally, a captivating artist fighting against life’s dissonance. Entranced by her talent, he orchestrates a symphony of encouragement, urging her to chase the crescendo of her dreams. Amidst the resounding melodies of their love, Jackson finds himself caught in a tempest of alcoholism and inner discord. Together, they navigate a duet of passion and despair, the music serving as their solace and salvation. A resonant saga of sacrifice and self-discovery unfolds, inviting you to download this soul-stirring composition that harmonizes the trials and triumphs of the human spirit.

Lady Gaga – “A Star Is Born” [Album] Tracklist

Intro 0:20
Black Eyes 3:04
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Dialogue) 0:42
Fabulous French (Dialogue) 0:20
La Vie En Rose 3:00
I’ll Wait For You (Dialogue) 0:19
Maybe It’s Time 2:39
Parking Lot (Dialogue) 0:31
Out of Time 2:52
Alibi 3:03
Trust Me (Dialogue) 0:32
Shallow 3:35
First Stop, Arizona (Dialogue) 0:10
Music to My Eyes 3:19
Diggin’ My Grave 3:57
I Love You (Dialogue) 0:19
Always Remember Us This Way 3:30
Unbelievable (Dialogue) 0:28
How Do You Hear It? (Dialogue) 0:14
Look What I Found 2:55
Memphis (Dialogue) 0:24
Heal Me 3:16
I Don’t Know What Love Is 2:57
Vows (Dialogue) 0:17
Is That Alright? 3:11
SNL (Dialogue) 0:13
Why Did You Do That? 3:04
Hair Body Face 3:22
Scene 98 (Dialogue) 0:35
Before I Cry 4:18
Too Far Gone 1:26
Twelve Notes (Dialogue) 1:03
I’ll Never Love Again (Film Version) 4:41
I’ll Never Love Again (Extended Version) 5:28

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