Glaive – “A Bit Of A Made One” [Album]

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Glaive -
Glaive – “A Bit Of A Made One” [Album]

Renowned music star Glaive has unveiled his latest musical endeavor, the much-anticipated album titled “A Bit Of A Made One”.

Fans and music enthusiasts alike are in for a treat as Glaive showcases his exceptional talent and creativity through this captivating musical compilation.

“A Bit Of A Made One” promises to take listeners on a journey through Glaive’s unique soundscapes, blending elements of electronic, pop, and alternative genres into a seamless musical experience.

From infectious beats to heartfelt lyrics, each track on the album reflects Glaive’s artistry and passion for music.

With his distinct style and innovative approach, Glaive continues to push the boundaries of contemporary music, earning him accolades and admiration from fans worldwide.

Dive into the captivating world of Glaive’s music and immerse yourself in the sonic brilliance of “A Bit Of A Made One”.

a bit of a mad one Tracklist:

  1. even when the sun is dead, will you tell them how hard i tried
  2. i don’t really feel it anymore
  3. huh
  4. hope alaska national anthem
  5. god is dead
  6. living proof (that it hurts)
  7. phobe d’impulsion

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