Gary Cooper SA – Floating Part 2 EP

Gary Cooper SA – Floating Part 2 EP
Gary Cooper SA – Floating Part 2 EP
  • Artist : Gary Cooper SA – Floating Part 2 EP
  • Music format : Itunes/Spotify
  • Quality : 320 Kbps
  • Released Year : 2023
  • Size : MB

Renowned musical virtuoso, Gary Cooper SA, has just unveiled his highly anticipated musical masterpiece, the “Floating Part 2 EP.” Brace yourselves for an auditory journey like no other as this talented artist takes you on a mesmerizing musical voyage.

The “Floating Part 2 EP” is a harmonious blend of genre-defying tracks that showcase Gary Cooper SA’s unparalleled talent and creativity. With each song, he effortlessly pushes the boundaries of music, creating an immersive sonic experience that will leave you spellbound.

Listeners are encouraged to immerse themselves in the ethereal soundscape of this EP and share their thoughts in the comment section below. Gary Cooper SA’s latest release promises to be a conversation starter among music enthusiasts and a testament to his undeniable prowess in the music industry.

So, don’t miss out on this musical sensation – dive into the “Floating Part 2 EP” today and let your senses soar to new heights.


  1. Gary Cooper SA – 28 Ronin
  2. Gary Cooper SA – Myth
  3. Gary Cooper SA – What Goes Around


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