Erika De Casier – “Still” [Album]

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Erika De Casier -
Erika De Casier – “Still” [Album]

Renowned songstress Erika De Casier unveils her latest musical odyssey with the release of her highly-anticipated album, “Still.”

Infused with her signature blend of soulful melodies and captivating rhythms, the album promises an immersive journey into De Casier’s sonic universe.

“Still” invites listeners to immerse themselves in a tapestry of emotions, ranging from introspective contemplation to exhilarating groove.

With her distinct vocal prowess and masterful production, De Casier effortlessly navigates themes of love, longing, and self-discovery throughout the album’s tracks.

From the infectious hooks of the lead single to the atmospheric depths of its ballads, “Still” showcases De Casier’s evolution as an artist while staying true to her unique sound.

As the album resonates with audiences worldwide, it solidifies Erika De Casier’s position as a trailblazer in contemporary music.

Experience the magic of “Still” and let its melodies enchant your soul.

Still Tracklist:

  1. Right This Way
  2. Home Alone
  3. Lucky
  4. The Princess
  5. ice (feat. They Hate Change)
  6. Test It
  7. ooh
  8. Believe It
  9. Anxious
  10. Ex-Girlfriend (feat. Shygirl)
  11. Toxic
  12. My Day Off
  13. Twice (feat. Blood Orange)
  14. Someone

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