EP: ​bb sway – How Will I Get There?


EP: ​bb sway – How Will I Get There?

EP Review: ​bb sway Takes Us on an Enigmatic Musical Journey with “How Will I Get There?”

Prepare to be captivated by the hypnotic sounds of ​bb sway’s latest EP, “How Will I Get There?” This mesmerizing musical creation is a testament to the artist’s innovative talent and evocative storytelling. Each track on the EP transports listeners to a realm where genres blend effortlessly, resulting in a harmonious fusion of electronic, pop, and R&B. ​bb sway’s ethereal vocals soar above intricate production, weaving a spellbinding narrative that resonates deeply with the human experience. From the pulsating beats of the title track to the introspective intros of “Lost in Translation,” this EP is a sonic adventure that defies expectations. Immerse yourself in ​bb sway’s extraordinary musical world and discover a truly unique listening experience.

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bb sway How Will I Get There? EP Tracklist

  1. Everything You’ve Always Wanted
  2. How Will I Get There?
  3. To Be Honest With You
  4. Leading Lady

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