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DJ Flaton Fox – Piano Land (Chapter I) [Album]

DJ Flaton Fox – Piano Land (Chapter I) [Album]

  • Artist : DJ Flaton Fox – Piano Land (Chapter I) [Album]
  • Music format : Itunes/Spotify
  • Quality : 320 Kbps
  • Released Year : 2023
  • Size : MB

Breaking News: DJ Flaton Fox Drops Highly Anticipated “Piano Land (Chapter I) Album”!

Get ready to groove because DJ Flaton Fox has just unveiled his sensational masterpiece, the “Piano Land (Chapter I) Album.” This musical journey is packed with a whopping 15 tracks that will have you on your feet in no time.

What makes this album even more electrifying are the incredible collaborations with renowned artists like DJ Dorivaldo Mix, Bobany King, Yuddy Da Paixao, and more. Each track is a unique fusion of talent and creativity that promises to leave a lasting impression.

So, music lovers, it’s time to dive headfirst into this musical paradise. Feel the rhythm, let the melodies carry you away, and immerse yourself in the world of “Piano Land (Chapter I).” Don’t keep those thoughts to yourself – share your impressions with us in the comments below. Let the music speak!


  1. DJ Flaton Fox – Amapiusca (feat. Bobany King)
  2. DJ Flaton Fox – Ana (feat. Ivan Alekxei)
  3. DJ Flaton Fox – Better Than This (feat. Dj Dorivaldo Mix, Mr. Drackson & Venancio)
  4. DJ Flaton Fox – Escrobondo (feat. Dj Sky)
  5. DJ Flaton Fox – Benguela
  6. DJ Flaton Fox – Love (feat. Mike Muller)
  7. DJ Flaton Fox – Lovely (feat. ToonSoul SA)
  8. DJ Flaton Fox – Mai Mai Vibes (feat. Andrex, Freako SA & Spiritual AB)
  9. DJ Flaton Fox – Melhor Pra Mim (feat. Luria Quintas)
  10. DJ Flaton Fox – Mukubal Tribe
  11. DJ Flaton Fox – Ndisemaweni (feat. ThatPrettyGirlYongz)
  12. DJ Flaton Fox – Safari
  13. DJ Flaton Fox – Take Your Time (feat. Antuany Rafaspin)
  14. DJ Flaton Fox – Shut Down (feat. Yuddy Da Paixao)
  15. DJ Flaton Fox – Shut Down (feat. Yuddy Da Paixao) [Extended]