Zodwa Wabantu reacts to Mohale Motaung’s #ZodwaCancelled protest

Zodwa Wabantu reacts to Mohale Motaung’s #ZodwaCancelled protest

Zodwa reacts to Mohale Motaung’s #ZodwaCancelled protest

Zodwa Wabantu reacts to Mohale Motaung’s #ZodwaCancelled protest: Zodwa Wabantu trended on Twitter after her last reality show episode, Zodwa Uncensored, where she was seen dishing negative comments about gay.

In the episode, Zodwa’s comments goes like this: “forgetting that they don’t have vaginas”.

Immediately, Somizi’s bae, Mohale Motaung watched it, he started a protest against the dancer, calling that the reality show should be cancelled.

Zodwa Wabantu reacts to Mohale Motaung’s #ZodwaCancelled protest


TshishaLIVE reached out to Zodwa and she defended herself against all of the claims, saying she rolls with gays and she loves them. People probably misunderstood her.

“People just jumped to conclusions. I said what I said in reference to three gay men who have done some sh*tty things in my life. It was a personal story that I was telling and my feelings towards those particular gay people. Not the entire LGBTQ+ ,” she said

“Gay people are human before they are gay. So when they are not acting in a humane manner, must we keep quiet about it because we are going to be labelled homophobic?

“That’s not how it works. I love gay people, I love that whole community and they have supported me in my career. Why would I judge them for being gay, when I am so often judged for being me? What I said was not homophobic… maybe it was spicy but I’m no homophobe.”

“People must remember that it’s a reality show, my reality show. If I have been treated badly by gay people I will call them out on their behaviour and that doesn’t mean I’m against the whole community,” she said.

Zodwa said those looking for any further explanation should watch her show to better understand what she meant.