Yung Bleu Clarifies Comments About Nicki Minaj Collab


Yung Bleu Clarifies Comments About Nicki Minaj Collab

Yung Bleu Clarifies Comments About Nicki Minaj Collab

He says he didn’t mean for his comments to turn into a web sensation.

Like many different craftsmen, Yung Bleu has been competing for a Nick Minaj coordinated effort. The Alabama craftsman prodded the thought months prior and very much like that, Minaj inhaled trust into the chance when she “enjoyed” his tweet about working with her. Bleu excitedly got back to Twitter to say he needed to will work simply in the event that she really connected, and as of late, the public accepted he implied that a tune was coming.

Be that as it may, Yung Bleu immediately bounced back via web-based media to put any misinformation to rest since he would not like to impede any odds of this track being frustrated over tattle.

Bleu saw that the two his fans and the Barbz were raging his notices at the chance, and news sources were rapidly sharing the information. He as of late got back to explain his assertions.

“We dnt have a tune yet really tho you all,” he tweeted. “I simply needed to play some sh*t we was chipping away at since we was in New York. Ain gotta section right now . AndAin mean for it to circulate around the web I was simply having a lil second with my fans and I was plastered conversing with much haha.”

In the mean time, bleu has been selected for Best New Artist and Hustler of the Year at the BET Hip Hop Awards. The rising star is expecting to rule in somewhere around one of those classes, and keeping in mind that we hold on to check whether he’s victorious, look at his tweets beneath.