Wow! Saweetie & Doja Cat Launch Tesla Fan Giveaway


Wow! & Launch Tesla Fan Giveaway

Saweetie and Doja Cat have collaborated with Tesla to dispatch a fan giveaway.

The “Amigo in a Tessie” challenge comes when her single ‘Closest Friend’ with Doja is ascending on the diagrams each week. It’s been humming on both streaming and radio just as stages like TikTok since the time the delivery a month ago.

The challenge dispatches today (Feb. 22) with two victors to be declared Friday, April 16, 2021 with a shiny new Tesla Model S Car each. Fans will actually want to enter the sweepstakes through the Gleam challenge connect, with a higher possibility of winning with more sections as they follow every day activities referenced on the sitte. Every day cooperation will incorporate messaging “Closest Friend” to a private number to recover a mysterious secret key, utilizing the #bestfriend hashtag in YouTube remarks, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Extra guidelines of the challenge are beneath:

Use #bestfriend in the remarks on YouTube = +50 passages

Put Your Bestie In a Tessie-+10 passages

Get 10 additional passages for anybody that enters through this connection

Retweet @Saweetie on Twitter-+10 passages

Follow Saweetie on Spotify-+5 passages

Save Best Friend (accomplishment. Doja Cat on Spotify) +5 sections

Visit @saweetie on Instagram-+3 Entries

Follow @Saweetie on Twitter-+3 Entries

Follow Saweetie on TikTok-+3 Entries

Text “Closest Friend” +1 (510) 250-3890 to get the mysterious secret key +10 passages

Follow sweetmamas on Snapchat-+3 Entries

Pursue Saweetie’s Newsletter-+3 Entries

“My Icy family has shown such a lot of affection towards the “Closest Friend” track and I’m advertised to restore the adoration to two fortunate fans with these two Teslas,” said Saweetie. She likewise posted a video message which you can watch underneath.

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