World’s Best Free Music Streaming Platform Online


World’s Best Free Music Streaming Platform Online

World’s Best Free Music Streaming Platform Online

A life without good music is truly unimaginable. Today the options to access music are immense, both device-wise and platform-wise. You can access music on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. For this reason, several music streaming services have come up and are multiplying. Therefore, it becomes too complicated for music lovers to select and decide which one is appropriately suited for them. The following is the list of some best free online music streaming websites like thepirateproxybaywhich would help them decide which ones are ideal for getting space in your devices.


Spotify comes with over 20 million options listed in the catalog and is the most famous music streaming industry. It offers you a streaming quality of approximately 320 kbps. Spotify has easy access from mostly all major platforms like blackberry, iOS, Windows, and Android. Right from individual artists to bands to albums and creating a playlist, Spotify provides users with every feature for enhancing their listening experience. 

  • Pandora

This is for those users looking for a free streaming platform of the radio stations despite on-demand tracks. Pandora offers around 1 million music options in its catalog. The free account holders have some benefits, including 100 personalized radio stations and just limited skips. The streaming quality of 192 kbps is the best option for users who love customizing everything.

  • The Pirate Bay

This website is so big that also unpopular torrents have a few seeders at any given point. When you talk about popular ones, you will find hundreds of peers that are connected to them, there is no downtime, and the speed is the fastest for downloading your favorite music. There are no fees for registration, no paid downloads, membership fees, and uploads. You can freely upload/download content from the pirate proxy bay whenever whatever. Just remember, it even possibly includes malicious content as well.

  • Google Play

It is another widely used platform in the music streaming service industry. Unlike Spotify, Google Play enables users to access their complete music catalog and not only the streaming ones available. Also, having a high-quality music streaming ability of 320 kbps, this popular platform Google play, is much easier to access as it is truly compatible with major leading platforms, including iOS. 

  • Mixcloud

Using Mixcloud, the user could easily access longer-length audios, music mixes radio shows, and create their favorite playlist, all free of cost. In addition to that, use is not required to pay anything to download the app. It is available on almost all platforms, including iOS and Android. Although it does not offer a single album or music, its catalog has above 3 million mixes as compensation.

  • Deezer

It is one of the more experienced and mature music streaming service providers, and it started in 2006. This website has more than 30 million music options in its huge catalog and also compatible with almost all platforms, right from Blackberry to Android, Windows to PC. The company provides unlimited free music access to users for 1 month but restricts the access to 2 hours. Deezer is a company with the most extensive catalog and offers all the basic features. Just by paying for upgrades, the users could even remove access restrictions enjoy listening to higher quality numbers.

  • Grooveshark

It is another brilliant music streaming service platform after the pirate proxy bay, where the user can easily choose from an extensive list of music. It offers a simple search option and listen-to format, as it uploads the user and choice of Mp3s, and even keeps track of your friends’ music playlists, also subscribing to it.

For users, Grooveshark is also free with ads; however, you might need to pay some amount if you would like to benefit from this site.

  • Xbox Music

It is a music and video streaming service from the most popular Microsoft and even has the most extensive catalog with around 30 million tracks. It offers free music streaming but with ads and comes with artist-based radio stations as well. So, this service works great for those having devices with Microsoft Windows.

If you are looking for the best music streaming website free, contact The Pirate Bay today. It offers all its users pretty reliable and fast proxies without any kind of worry.

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